Corpo Crítico

Linger together on the images, displace the gaze and the all too accustomed ways so as to imagine, through singular voices, other forms of responding and relating to films by means of the written word.

As of 2018 FestCurtasBH incorporates in its programming the critique workshop Corpo Crítico [Critical Body], expanding in this manner its training aspect as well as its potent collective thinking on film. The resulting texts are published in the Festival’s website, where they remain permanently available (in Portuguese only), composing thus an initial critical fortune of the short films screened during the Festival.

The first edition of Corpo Crítico was led by film critic and researcher Carol Almeida. Under the title “Displacing the gaze”, the workshop proposed “not only to awaken a more attentive and active look at the films, but also understand what the definition of the cinematographic gaze implies aesthetically and politically”.