Activities and Attractions

Round Table

Poster Fever – Cinema, Visual Arts and Graphic Arts

From its early days, cinema has been connected to visual arts and graphic arts through mutual and fertile influences. The relations between these art forms will be approached from the perspective of the participants own practices and the way each one of them associate in singular manners the three terms (…)

Speaking in Tongues

A Lecture-Performance by Christopher Harris

In this session Christopher Harris will demonstrate and discuss his working method and creative process. For several years, Harris has been working on ‘Speaking in Tongues’, a 16mm film inspired by Ishmael Reed’s novel Mumbo Jumbo, which uses fragments of found footage sourced from Hollywood films, cartoons and documentaries. In (…)

Magnólia Brass Band Parade

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. A Magnólia Brass Band é formada em sua maioria por instrumentos de sopro e uma compacta (…)

Course | Corpo Crítico.2019

Cinema in Perspective: Reconfiguring Critique

During times of cultural reconfiguration of social, racial, gender and sexuality dynamics, it has become urgent to think about film criticism in multiple and situated perspectives. Perspectives that incite the consolidation of new audiences and the expansion of the canonic repertoire. Tackling the many standpoints within films, reception and criticism (…)

Glimpses of a History of Cinema


After more than ten years of creating posters, Clara Moreira has produced a large body of work, most of which is featured in this retrospective. If each invention by a visual artist shelters secret stories, Clara’s posters, seen collectively, reveal notorious genealogies of a unique style in graphic arts, unmistakeable (…)


Cia. Bando (Children's Theater)

There is no single person that doubts that Abena is one of the prettiest princesses in the world! Visitors from everywhere travel to Africa to meet the princess. Among those visitors figure a number of candidates that hope to have her hand in marriage. As a result, what was left (…)


Oppening Concert

Founded during the making of the soundtrack for the feature film No Coração do Mundo (In the Heart of the World, 2019), directed by Gabriel Martins and Maurílio Martins, the band has performed many concerts in Belo Horizonte since 2018. The idea is to pay tribute to Brazilian and foreign (…)