Workshops And Seminars

Round Table – Art and Black Art(s)

Cinema, Theater and Visual Arts

Enlightened by the films and texts of the restrospective Black Brazilian Cinema: Episodes of a Fragmented History, this debate intends to establish a dialogue between common issues of Black people – engaged in the areas of creation and reflection – in different art forms. In what ways does the especifically Black make itself present? What (…)

Film as a Collaborative Art

A Hybrid Media and Performance Workshop

What kind of creative surprises can happen when people who don’t know each other come together for a couple of days to make a film? In this workshop, we will work together for two mornings as a group to create a series of single-shot videos using complex mise en scène, unusual camera movements, and (…)

Black people and Brazilian cinema

Representantion and Representativeness , Presences and Absences

The presence of Black people in Brazilian cinema dates back to nearly the arrival of cinema itself in the country. But how did this presence occur in early films and during the silent era? How did racist ideologies set by intellectuals reverberate in cinema? How did the Cinema Novo contribute to an initial humanization (…)

Film Criticism Workshop

Displacing the gaze

The construction of cinema as an art form and language has always been connected to critical thinking, which has legitimized the premisses and frontiers of what was to become cinema itself – and, right behind, the definitions of what would be considered “more cinema” than “other cinemas”. Considering film criticism today as a place that (…)