France/Switzerland, 2019, 31'

Youths Section 2

Alban lives in a ski station with his mother. Every night, the teenager runs off to be with Julien – the boy who, strangely, shares a first name with the hero of the novel he’s avidly reading.

director Simon Guélat

script Simon Guélat, Caroline Steff

production Aurélien Deseez, Justin Taurand, Elodie Brunner, Elena Tatti

cinematography Augustin Barbaroux

editing Louise Narboni

art and costume design Caroline Spieth, Tania Cresta

sound Gaël Eléon

main cast Paulin Jaccoud, Schemci Lauth, Jocelyne Desverchère, Viviane Pavillon


production company Les films du bélier, Aurélien Deseez