France/Burkina Faso, 2019, 15'

International Competition 2

Moktar lives in France awaiting to return to Burkina Faso whenever his bar Bablinga is closed. The day has come, but he hesitates. The dreamy farewell night features an aesthetic, iconographic and musical trance. Time and space are suspended and shuffle the diasporic experience of departure, staying behind and returning. The crossing of borders, memories and feelings, highlights the in-betweenness of desire and apprehension which resides in the act of returning to one’s native country.

(Vanessa Santos)

director Fabien Dao

script Fabien Dao

production Yannick Beauquis

animation Thibault Martegani, Mathieu Mazzoni, Romain Jaboulay

cinematography Marine Atlan

editing Marylou Vergez

art and costume design Clémence Janesky, Juliette Rivrin-Ricque

sound Benjamin Silvestre

original soundtrack Agathe Poche

main cast Cissé Maims, Stephanie KoitA, Saïdou Pacotogo, Bintou
Nakanabo, Magali Sawadogo, Ndeye Ndiaye


production company Don Quichotte Films