Rio de Janeiro, 2019, 14'

Brazilian Competition 1

If braiding curly hair is a continuous weave, here documentary cinema comprehends that such interweaving takes place in multiple senses: braids and life stories, wisdom derived from experience and academic knowledge, ancestry and the living topicality of practices and knowledge. In fact, the deftly conducted debate fulfills the role of engaging us in the subject without dissociating itself from meaningful aesthetics expressed in bodies, words, styles, scenes, and Black lives.

(Vinícius Andrade)

director Gabriele Roza, Juliana Nascimento

script Gabriele Roza, Juliana Nascimento

production Julia Paiva

animation Luana Cortes

cinematography Lílis Soares

editing Luana Corte

art and costume design Alex Reis, Jefferson Cunha

sound Gustavo Andrade

original soundtrack Letieres Leite

main cast Jussara Oliveira, Raquel Miranda, Jana Guinond, Luane Bento dos Santos