Minas Gerais, 2019, 14'

Brazilian Competition 3

Shot with the Maxakalis from Aldeia Verde (MG), this animated film narrates – with a range of colours, contours and transitions – a traditional story of this native people. Following in the footsteps of her dead companion’s spirit, Mãtãnãg crosses barriers until she reaches the village of the dead. Existence on this other world leads her choice to return to a state of immanence. However, there’s a fine line separating the two worlds and breaking it results in transformations and returns.

(Fabio Rodrigues)

director Shawara Maxakali, Charles Bicalho

script Pajé Totó Maxakali, Charles Bicalho

production Charles Bicalho, Cláudia Alves, Marcos Henrique Coelho

animation Jackson Abacatu

cinematography Jackson Abacatu

editing Charles Bicalho, Jackson Abacatu, Marcos Henrique Coelho

art and costume design Charles Bicalho, Jackson Abacatu, Comunidade Maxakali de Aldeia Verde

sound Guilherme Bahia

original soundtrack Cantos tradicionais maxakalis

main cast Alexandre Maxakali, Ariston Maxakali, Cassiano Maxakali, Eliana Maxakali, Erismar Maxakali, Evaldo Maxakali, Gerente Maxakali, Mamei Maxakali, Marcinho Maxakali, Marco Maxakali, Paulinho Maxakali, Shawara Maxakali


production company Pajé Filmes


contact charlesbicalho@gmail.com