Paraná, 2019, 22'

Brazilian Competition 2

An important document of a condition of barbarism, of how human dimension narrows to the point of not comprising certain lives. A life filled with pain. Unmeasured prejudice and physical pain that are not estimated in medical protocols. The refinement of necropolitics translates into medical practices which neglect the most common hereditary disease in Brazil. However, despite the pain, there is poetry, a burning desire to live, and the courage to face daily challenges.

(Alessandra Brito)

director Débora Evellyn Olimpio, Dê Kelm

script Débora Evellyn Olimpio, Dê Kelm, Everlane Moraes

production Jade Azevedo

animation Aristeu Araújo

cinematography Flávio Rebouças

editing Aristeu Araújo

art and costume design Bea Gerolin

sound Luiz Lepchak Tulio Borges

main cast Joice Aragão, Simone Peres, Felipe Alan Paixão, Elvis Magalhães, Maria Vilela, Cássia Gomes


production company Haver Filmes, Fiocruz Vídeo


contact d.kelmsoares@gmail.com