São Paulo, 2019, 20'

Brazilian Competition 5

While one learns filmmaking, the other dreams of his first music video. Between the two, there’s friendship and the emergence of desire. Through the rhythm of rap beats and freestyle, this film follows discoveries and bonds together different image regimes in a montage equally imbued with desire. From the skateboard to the borrowed camera, everything converges to a meeting between the two… Would a kiss be able to separate them? This short film toys with the verb rhyme and rhythmically amplifies the discoveries in progress.

(Fabio Rodrigues)

director Lucas Nunes

script Lucas Nunes

production Priscila Porto

cinematography Ana Caroline de Oliveira, Malu Tinôco

editing Ane Caroline de Oliveira, Murilo Morais

art and costume design Felipe Kuniyoshi, Rafael Bürger

sound Priscila Porto, Rafaela Bustamante

original soundtrack Victor Loturco, Stevan

main cast Marcos Vinicius Maciel, Gabriel Almeida