Guadeloupe, 2020, 14'

International Competition 1

The journey towards her father leads a woman to a vigorous and urgent reflection about life. Each step manifests itself as a political act of memory questioning what the history of Guadalupe means. The Creole narration investigates the systemic violence of certain symbols, confronts the oppressive silence and evokes liberation forces. From the intense enjoyment of this filmic poetry comes the decolonial invitation to transform the living reality in order to dream of a future connected to nature itself.

(Vanessa Santos)

director Wally Fall

script Anyès Noël, Wally Fall

production Cinemawon

cinematography Wally Fall, Jean-Yves Bourgeois, Jeff Fidelin

editing Wally Fall

art and costume design Anais Verspan

sound Steve Lancastre

original soundtrack Sonny Troupé

main cast Anyes Noel, Alain Verspan, Ovide Carindo


production company Cinemawon