(The Fourfold)

Canada, 2020, 7'

Animation Section

Based on the ancient animistic beliefs and nature-worshipping rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, the film is about the indigenous worldview and wisdom: Nature is the homeland of human being, Tengri is the deity and the father sky, Earth is the mother with rivers nourishing all beings, paganist and pantheist gods co-exist with all mortals. Against the backdrop of the modern existential crisis, there is a necessity to reclaim the ideas of animism for planetary health and non-human materialities.

director: Alisi Telengut

script: Alisi Telengut

production: Alisi Telengut

animation: Alisi Telengut

cinematography: Alisi Telengut

editing: Alisi Telengut

sound: Alisi Telengut, Olivier Calvert (original soundtrack)