United States/France, 2019, 42'

International Competition 5

Ja’Tovia Gary asks Black women crossing Harlem: “Can a Black woman feel safe in her own body, in this world?”. Upon reflecting about the integrity of their bodies, a multiplicity of voices emerge while connecting, in various ways, issues such as race, gender, sexuality, safety and violence. Interviews, 16mm private footage and Nina Simone’s voice are some of the layers that intertwine in the construction of a colorful audiovisual poem, filled with textures.

(Letícia Bispo)

director Ja’Tovia Gary

production Paige Wood, Artesia Balthrop, Ja’Tovia Gary

animation Ja’Tovia Gary

cinematography Mia Cioffi Henry

editing Ja’Tovia Gary

sound Emily Strong

original soundtrack Nelson Bandela, Dyani Douze

main cast Ja’Tovia Gary, Nina Simone, Fred Hampton, Claude Monet, Diamond Reynolds


production company Spell Number Seven