Australia, 2019, 16'

International Competition 1

In the gigantic universe of a small Australian suburban backyard, Aboriginal activist Lucky teaches boxing techniques to his nephew Tyrone, a homeless young boy with a long history of conflicts with the local police. Conducted by activists for the rights of Aboriginal people, The Good Deed offers a cosmological experience loaded with irony and criticism towards Western misunderstanding about the constant reinvention of the traditional ways of life.

(Felipe Carnevalli)

director Eugene E~NRG

script Eugene E~NRG, Ray Edgar, Robbie Thorpe

production Garth Delon, Donato Di Giangregorio, Eugene E~NRG

animation Adem Jaffers

cinematography Stelios Kokotos

editing Jako Gonda

art and costume design Tasmin Pascal, Teresa Salamanca

sound Christopher Armstrong, Yvon Mounier

original soundtrack Gus Till

main cast Duran Bunajileenee, Robbie Thorpe, Kynan Riley-Brown


production company Space Between The Gaps Films