Cuba, 2020, 18'

International Competition 4

Vismán and Alejandro, two pre-adolescent brothers, reenact the war episodes experienced by their father, a veteran from the Cuban revolutionary army. While the former soldier tries to silently leave behind the traumas and ghosts that still haunt him, his children, through fables and warlike games, maintain this imaginary of a past where violence, dreams, fantasy and disillusionment are mixed together, dwelling in the present.

(Leonardo Câmara)

director Otávio Almeida

script Otávio Almeida

production Otávio Almeida, Julio Raúl Veja Garcés

cinematography Amanda Cots Martínez

editing Alejandro Uzeda

sound Marisol Cao Milán, Nayuribe Montero Jiménez

main cast Alejandro Pacheco Linares, Visman Pacheco Linares, Visman Pacheco Rodriguez


production company Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV)