Ana Siqueira works in curatorship, research, translation and film production. Curator and Programming Head of the 15th, 16th (co-coordination), and since the 19th FestCurtasBH (2013, 2014 and from 2017 on), she was a programmer at Cine Humberto Mauro and curator of the children’s film series at the SACI Festival. Master’s degree student in Social Communication at UFMG, where she is also a member of the research group Poéticas da Experiência and from where she received her bachelor’s degree. She graduated in Philosophy from Paris 8 University. Assistant director of the film Where I Grow Old, by Marília Rocha.


Adriana Galuppo is a photographer who also works as a photography and video instructor in social projects and cultural spaces. She studied Film Editing at the New York School of Visual Arts and Photography at the ICP. Graduated in Philosophy, she’s currently a master’s degree student in Architecture and Urbanism at UFMG, where she studies the relationship between image, gender and cities.

Julia Fagioli is a film researcher. She has a PhD in Social Communication from UFMG and a master’s degree from the same institution. She coordinated and organized the dossier Documentário e Cinema de Arquivos, published on Devires – Cinema and Humanities magazine. She was a curator of the contemporary Brazilian program of in 2016. Currently she is doing her postdoctoral research in Communication at UFJF and is a substitute professor at the School of Social Communication at UFMG.

Luís Fernando Moura is a curator, programmer, film researcher and teacher. Since 2015, he has been the programming coordinator at Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife. A journalist who published in newspapers and magazines. He has a master’s degree and is a PhD student in Social Communications at UFMG, where he is also a member of the research group Poéticas da Experiência, with a bachelor’s degree in Social Communications from UFPE. Luís was one of the curators of the film series Brasil Distópico, in Rio de Janeiro, and L.A. Rebellion: Um Novo Cinema Negro, in Recife.

Luiz Pretti is a filmmaker and editor, founder of the production company/collective Alumbramento, of which he was a partner until its end. He’s currently based in Belo Horizonte, where he started his own production company, Errante. At the moment he’s releasing the feature film While We Are Here (co-directed with Clarissa Campolina) and developing two fiction feature films. This is the fourth year he has been a member of the FestCurtasBH selection committee.

Vanessa Santos is a multimedia artist and researcher. She has a PhD in Social Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University, in Spain. She worked with artistic collectives and research groups related to technological appropriation, socio-technical networks, digital culture and free software. She worked as a teacher in courses and educational processes of communitarian video. She currently teaches audiovisual production for digital and interactive media. She researches new ways of telling and experimenting with stories. Her last work was Chronica Mobilis, a georeferenced video performance in the urban space.


Fabio Rodrigues Filho is a master’s degree student in Social Communication at UFMG and a graduate in the same area at UFRB. He directed the essay-film Tudo que É Apertado Rasga (2019) and coordinated the film club Mário Gusmão, also participating in the Cine Tela Preta and Cinema em Vizinhança film clubs. He writes for magazines, catalogs and for his personal blog, Tocar o Cinema. He is a member of the Fórum Itinerante de Curadoria (FIC) and of the research groups Áfricas nas Artes and Poéticas da Experiência. He has worked in selection committees for film festivals, exhibitions and labs (such as CachoeiraDoc, Festival Mimoso, Diáspora Lab etc.). He is also a poster designer and researcher.

Hannah Serrat works in research, film criticism and production. She has a master’s degree and is a PhD student in Social Communications at UFMG. A member of the research group Poéticas da Experiência, deeply interested in the forms of appearance of peripheral people and territories in cinema. She has published in academic journals and catalogues of film festivals. Hannah is also a film critic, collaborator of Cinética and Rocinante magazines. In 2015, she made Retalho, her first film. 

Layla Braz holds a bachelor’s degree in Film and Audiovisual at UNA University Center. She’s a producer at Filmes de Quintal association and has worked in the organization and production team since 2014. She was a curator of the Brazilian contemporary film festival She was a producer of the Arab Women Filmmakers program that took place at CCBB in 2019 and has been part of the FestCurtasBH production team since 2018.

Vinícius Andrade was a curator of the film series “Nas beiradas da cidade”, that took place in Cultural Centers in Belo Horizonte (2018), the “Documentário e Lutas Urbanas” exhibition at the 5º Lumiar Festival, and also of FestCurtasBH, for four editions. He has a PhD in Social Communications from UFMG, and a master’s degree from UFPE. He has published writings on academic magazines, film festival and film series catalogs (Revista Galáxia,, Curta Circuito). He works on the interface between cinema and social activism, with experiences in collectives from Recife and Belo Horizonte. His short-film Mudança de Hábito (a Ponta de Areia production) was awarded the Prize for Innovation at the Taguatinga Film Festival (2018).


Christopher Harris is a filmmaker whose films and video installations read African American historiography through the poetics and aesthetics of experimental cinema.  His work employs manually and photo-chemically altered appropriated moving images, staged re-enactments of archival artifacts and interrogations of documentary conventions. His films have screened internationally including Locarno, Rotterdam, Vienna, Edinburgh, Ann Arbor and the ICA London among others. He was a featured artist at the 64th Robert Flaherty Seminar programmed by filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson and film curator and writer Greg de Cuir, Jr.