Political Body 2

CORPO 2 :: 20h de 29/10 às 20h de 31/10 :: 65′ :: 16 anos

Political Body 2


Brazil/Spain, 2019, 12'

Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. Through intimate and personal stories, five women share their experiences in relation to their bodies, from childhood to old age.


Germany/Malaysia/Iran, 2019, 19'

A son pushes the limits of his relationship with his mother as he unveils the psychological consequences of the violence he has suffered.


Brasil, 2020, 20'

Shortly before the pandemic, the world experiences a phenomenon never seen before. Marilene looks for her daughter Roberta, a trans woman who is missing. As she races against the clock, she discovers a hope for the future.


Brazil, 2020, 14'

A baby is born, but does not cry. A body screams and is not heard. Paints that run in a promised future, do not reach a person with disability. Victor makes himself the canvas in a universe of absent painters.

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