Minas Gerais - Brazil, 2018, 2’

A little girl wakes up excited to go to school, but a pesky cloud plays tricks on her and so the little girl can’t leave home.

Under the Canopy

France, 2019, 7’

Birds-of-paradise, sporting their most beautiful plumage, sing and intrigue in the heart of the tropical forest. One of them brings us into their universe. Their songs and dances invite us to the parade, providing a magical show. But the forest takes on a different tone when Human’s hand comes to (…)

Amani’s Veil

Distrito Federal - Brazil, 2019, 15’

Amani is a Muslim Pakistani girl who lives in Brazil. When she moves to a new home, she receives an unexpected gift from her new Brazilian friend: a bikini.

Flautists from Contagem

Minas Gerais - Brazil, 2018, 4’

A girl remembers her hometown, Contagem, which was invaded by trash. She does her part to keep the disaster from happening again.

Vivi Wolf and the Magical Room

Paraná - Brazil, 2019, 13’

I’m Vivi Wolf, nice to meet you! This is a story about all the doors we must open through our lives. As girls, as human beings.

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