International Competition 2

INT 2 :: 20h de 23/10 às 20h de 25/10 :: 77′ :: 12 anos

International Competition 2


France/Burkina Faso, 2019, 15'

Moktar lives in France awaiting to return to Burkina Faso whenever his bar Bablinga is closed. The day has come, but he hesitates. The dreamy farewell night features an aesthetic, iconographic and musical trance. Time and space are suspended and shuffle the diasporic experience of departure, staying behind and returning. (…)


South Africa/France/Germany, 2020, 27'

Men and cattle, a long lasting partnership. And not for mere survival: they walk alongside each other combining metabolisms and windpipes, mooing in unison. One learning from the other’s resilience in carrying the load on its back. Labour partners, these vertebrates choose between life or death, straying or blood sacrifice. (…)


Spain/France, 2019, 28'

“Time can do so much”, as sung by Elvis, and also by cargo ship workers on karaoke, miles away from any port. What can time in Lonely Rivers do but dissolve and recompose itself like the surface of the sea? It can, for instance, hear the stars and men soaked (…)


United States, 2019, 7'

Black Voices, a gospel choir from the University of Virginia, is preparing for an off-campus presentation. Through a careful recording of emotions and gestures, we experience the young singers’; moments of departure, return and celebration after a triumphant performance. Hampton expresses the cultural and community significance of gospel music in (…)

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