The Life of Things 1

VIDA 1 :: October 23, 8:00 p.m. to October 25, 8:00 p.m. :: 58′ :: 12 years

The Life of Things 1


Brazil/Chile, 2019, 15'

What is the image of the river? And what is the view offered by the rivers of big Latin American cities? River overflow is an audiovisual essay that follows the banks of the Tietê River in São Paulo, Brazil, and the Mapocho River in Santiago, Chile, in its urban perimeter. (…)


Mexico, 2020, 4'

The alleged existence of a golden kingdom motivated numerous expeditions in the Americas that remained active until the 19th century, as the process of conquest and colonization of the South American territory progressed. A journey and drift from extractivist colonialism that is far from over.


Germany/South Korea, 2019, 19'

Based on a shamanic song, “GUJIGA”, myths, symbols and glimpses into the natural phenomenon of turtles are interlaced throughout this film, revealing violent human interventions into the life of these reptiles. This film is an ode to the turtle and a reminder of the connection between animals and humans.


Brazil, 2020, 18'

Glimpses and sparkles of light lead us to a dreamlike path through a timeless place, immersed in the primordial nature. There, ancestors move through the darkness, seeking to create another (im)possible world.

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