11', Switzerland/Croatia, 2017

In a modern day airport, the flow of passengers is broken by sudden irregularities.

Ancieto from Império On a Day of Emancipation

12', Brasil, 1981

A film dedicated to Zumbi dos Palmares and to all Maroons dead and alive. It portrays the life of a not very well known character who was 72 years old at the time, a union leader, founder of Escola de Samba Império Serrano and a stevedore at the Rio de (…)

António and Catarina

40', Portugal, 2017

Young Romanian director Cristina Hanes records Augusto, a 70 year-old Portuguese man, within the limits of his small apartment in Lisbon. From the relationship built between the two, in which the parts of those who, in film history, are conventionally behind and in front of the camera are reversed, the film reflects on the (…)

A Funeral at the Samba School

26', Brasil, 2000

A young musician and community leader dies suddenly. His family, friends and admirers gather at Palácio do Samba to say their last goodbyes. Surprising events will happen at this unique ceremony!

A Blank Control

7', Belgium, 2017

A trip into a world controlled by bird-headed men completely devoid of feelings and empathy.

A Female Body

20', Rio Grande do Sul, 2018

When we give something a name, does it lose or gain meaning? A Female Body proposes an apparently simple game – it asks women from diverse generations the definition of something that in theory unifies them. Part of a transmedia project, the film is the main entrance to a narrative that has many points (…)

A Radical Film

03', France, 2017

Radical means what has to do with roots. The fi lm is made with black radish: minced and cut in parts, then patiently placed and exposed on fi lm. in a digital age, we go back to the roots of cinema!

A Poem for Quenum

10', Brasil, 2009

Shot in Cotonou, Benin, and Jardim Gramacho, Rio de Janeiro in 2008, the film approaches in a poetic manner the work of Beninese visual artist Gerard Quenum and other singularities built from garbage, disdain, violence and discard.


20', Conselheiro Lafaiete - MG, 2017

The daily routine of Anderson is presented through two main affective domains: one shaped in the life together with his family and another arisen from the passion for soccer team Atlético Mineiro. An important part of the character’s experiences comes from the bonds forged in these two spheres, and especially from the intersection between (…)

Armageddon 2

05', Cuba, 2017

The camera floats among trees, animals, men and bytes. With the low data flow in Cuba, a young man pirates movies. Saving the world has become an obsolete motto: we must produce appropriations and decelerate in order to reinvent life and filmmaking. Made in a workshop given by Werner Herzog on the island, whose (…)