Carolee, Barbara and Gunvor

09', United States, 2018

A film for three women. Lynne Sachs sews three portraits together, for three pioneer artists of experimental filmmaking, paying an intimate and simple tribute to Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Hammer and Gunvor Nelson. Lynne’s camera – extremely close – opens up for the views of the artists, incorporating their gestures so they can merge with (…)


5', Belgium, 2017

A grave, A sad grandma, A confused little girl, Three mourners who will tell her everything.


21', Germany/Netherlands/Serbia, 2018

Confluence centers around Serbian pop singer and former child star Doris Bizetić. In a mixture between pop and lecture performance Doris’ biography is conflated with histories of architectures in Belgrade. As Doris recounts memories of her childhood in front of cameras and talks about war trauma, her biography is linked to the history of (…)

Contrasts – Impressions of Israel

10', Brasil, 2018

A journey between lull and chaos, inspired by sketchbooks testimonies. On a trip to Israel started in 2014, Jackson Abacatu puts into his drawings some scenes that reveal good, bad, calm, chaotic and unique moments of real life.


14', Cameroon, 2018

Impératrice is a young videographer and blogger who runs a social media that promotes the actions and lives of rural women. This year 2070 marks the beginning of the end of the internet. A new order is introduced to regulate and reduce access to the connection. How far is the impératrice prepared to (…)

Curled to the Root

23', Viçosa - MG, 2017

Black women discuss different forms of physical and symbolic violence that racism imposes daily against their bodies. Testimonies expose desires, dreams, frustrations, traumas and confrontations, while recollecting experiences from childhood to adulthood, thus building up an act of political emancipation in face of a society plagued by racial and gender inequality. (Siomara Faria)


05', United States, 2018

Between fire and melting ice, Crack explores the cosmic and the political through paradox. The video/animation investigates our relationship with technology using footage from global political events, technological warfare and animations from classic film history. It combines this way the tactile and the digital touch. Mixing hand drawn animation, archival footage, classic film sources and (…)


22', Brasil, 2015

Lucas is a young black man who was adopted as a baby by an upper middle class white family. Now, entering his adult life, he is faced with daily conflicts that challenge his identity and his origins.


5', Rio de Janeiro, 2017

Making use of a poetic language, Crossing focuses on the search for photographic records of black families and assumes a critical and affirmative attitude in face of the mere absence and stigmatization of black representativeness


23', Brasil, 2016

In Brazil, 2029, poor, Black and favela children are marked with an ankle bracelet at birth and have their lives monitored since it’s assumed that sooner or later they will join crime. Chico is one of those kids. On his birthday, a law authorizing the arrest of these minors is (…)