Dara – The First Time When I Went to Sky

18', Brasil, 2017

Dara – The First Time When I Went to Sky – Nova Soure/BA, 1960s. On the eve of moving to São Paulo, Dara, 9, who lives in the countryside, is concerned about getting her things ready for the trip because she doesn’t know what life will be like in the (…)


16', Japan, 2017

The man got done with work and left the town. He arrived at the unstaffed station and went into the forest in the night with a shovel. “No need for fight.” What does he seek for in the forest? What does he dig for? For movie, language is explanatory and should (…)


12', Ghana, 2009

Portrait of an abandoned public swimming facility located in Accra, Ghana. The Riviera was once an upscale development consisting of luxury high-rises and five star hotels. Since the Seventies, it has fallen into a disheveled state. This short documentary was inspired by afro-futurist myths propagated by underground Detroit-based band Drexciya. (…)