Intermittent Delight

4', USA/Ghana, 2007

In this multimedia short, Ghanaian filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu combines classically Western and African imagery to compare and contrast the two cultures. Batik textiles, 1960s Afrobeat, Asante Adwoa music and footage of men weaving and women sewing in Ghana collide with 1950s and 60s Western fashion and a Westinghouse commercial (…)

International Day

12', Rio Grande do Sul, 2018

During the Nations Day, a fifth-grade class begins a small revolution in school rules.

I Signed the Petition

10', United Kingdom/Germany/Switzerland, 2018

The petition pleads that Radiohead does not perform in Tel Aviv, becoming part of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement). Mahdi Fleifel, the Palestinian filmmaker, has questions concerning the previous signatures. Two exiled people in Europe talk, off-screen, about the multiple Palestinian dispossessions, while the images limit us to an apartment in Berlin and archive (…)

I Worry

19', Alagoas, 2017

After her husband’s death, Jande tries to rebuild her life. Paulo, her son, seeks to understand the direction that things have taken.

I am Sheriff

29', South Africa/Lesotho, 2017

During a series of meetings in the small villages of the mountainous country of Lesotho (enclaved in South Africa), we follow the protagonist in his motherland. Sheriff shows videos and talks to the population about identity and gender, from the perspective of his own personal transition. Guided by a thoughtful process of (…)

I Have the Word

26', Brasil, 2010

The ancient Kingdom of Congo was the birthplace of most Africans enslaved in Brazil who, in captivity, developed a variety of dialects so they couldcommunicate freely amongst each other. The “coastal negro language” is one of these dialects which is still preserved at Tabatinga neighborhood in Bom Despacho, Minas Gerais. (…)


18', Rio de Janeiro, 2017

The unique aesthetic of Alair Gomes photographs guides the expressive organization of the movie. A courageous form of biography, which allows itself to be led by the character’s creative spirit, the narrative puts us in the position of admiring male bodies that are similar to those captured by the artist’s gaze.  (Vinícius Andrade)

I Tried

15', Paraná, 2017

The courage was gradually being build up as the anguish took hold of the body. One morning, Gloria, 34, leaves to find a place for being.


36', Switzerland/Rwanda, 2018

The young Gisa returns to the native village of his mother, a woman who disappeared during the Rwandan genocide in the 1990’s. During this journey, the character, who is a foreigner in his own motherland, gets close to family conflicts and is faced with the contradictions of a changing society. Infura, from Rwandan director (…)