23', Brasil, 2015

A sensitive look at racism experienced every day by black women. The discovery of an ancient force that emerges from their curly hair transcending whitening. A subjective exercise of self-representation and empowerment.

Kiem Holijanda

14', Netherlands, 2017

The brothers Andi (13) and Florist (20) live in a poor and desolate village in Kosovo. By selling milk, they earn just enough money to support their family. When Andi discovers a card of a Dutch porn star in their bedroom, he needs a telephone to call her. He’s so obsessed with it (…)

Kwaku Ananse

25', Gana/USA/Mexico, 2013

A spellbinding, semi-autobiographical interpretation of a traditional Ghanaian folktale in which the contemporary collides with the mythological in both content and form. Kwaku Ananse is a creature that spends many years collecting all the world’s wisdom in a wooden pot. Drawing upon the rich mythology of Ghana, this magical short (…)