Light Me Up

14', Norway, 2017

As puberty approaches, Sonja and Kine recognizes the diff erences between body and mind. Their experiences are various as they spend an evening home alone.

Love He Said

6', França, 2018

1973, San Francisco. Charles Bukowski, underground poet and punk ahead of his time, reads his poem Love in front of a wild audience who came to listen to the trash poet’s provocations. But that day, instead of the punk, they found a broken man hungry for love.

Los Perros de Amundsen

27', Cuba, 2017

Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer– the first to reach the South Pole, on a journey towards the unknown. To the precision of science, the fluidity of poetry is added with its holes, malleability and impossible discoveries. In that sense, we follow an inspector who investigates industrial accidents using made-up methods. Belief systems cross the (…)

Lost Paradise Lost

25', Canada, 2017

Prisoners of their technology-bound lives, Julie and Victor feel disillusioned with humanity. They stumble upon a mysterious group who, after stripping them bare, welcomes them and gives them ready-made roles to play. Joining the strangers, they head into the forest toward an unknown destination, until they suddenly come under attack. As they face this (…)

Land Without Evil

4', Hungria/Argentina, 2017

The human being has always tried to find its place in universe. This short movie is based on Guarani mythology but offers another point of view: what happens if Paradise isn’t a determinate place but something that is within our mind and in the harmony with all living beings?