Mrs Sônia Borrowed a Gun from her Neighbor Alcides

18', Brasil, 2011

Mrs. Sônia wants revenge.

Mahogany Too

3', USA/Ghana, 2018

Inspired by Nollywood’s distinct re-imagining in the form of sequels, Mahogany Too interprets the 1975 cult classic Mahogany, a fashion-infused romantic drama. Starring Nigerian actress Esosa E., Mahogany Too examines and revives Diana Ross’ iconic portrayal of Tracy Chambers, a determined and energetic African-American woman enduring racial disparities while pursuing (…)


22', Bahia, 2018

In a mangrove area, different Black women share their daily lives and individualities with filmmaker Amaranta César. The cycles of nature – earth, tide, mud – are interwoven with the cycles of these women’s lives. (Francine Barbosa)

My White Baby

22', Ghana, 2009

Me Broni Ba is a lyrical portrait of hair salons in Kumasi, Ghana. The tangled legacy of European colonialism in Africa is evoked through images of women practicing hair braiding on discarded white baby dolls from the West. The film unfolds through a series of vignettes set against a child’s story of (…)


29', Bahia, 2017

If Brazilian crisis involves damages caused to the subjectivity of youngsters about to enter the labor market, the fiction answers by profaning the most recent symbols of national culture, from the institutional to the media universe, such as accounting tricks, Luciano Huck and the Fiesp duck. Not without melancholy, the farce constructed with such (…)

Maned & Macho

11', Iran, 2017

A young girl’s repressed emotions and instincts are embodied in some animals that come out of her dreams. However, no one in her family is receptive to these animals.


17' Brasil, 2017

A film made by black women that, through the experience of director Urânia Munzanzu, tells the story of female protagonism in the Jeje Mahi tradition, a female religion with transatlantic bridges: from Bahia’s concave to Benin, Africa. The film invites the matriarchs from the Vodun cult in Bahia for their (…)

Moody Booty

3', German, 2007

A dance film about the fight within. A fight against obstacles such as sickness, depression, trauma or creative blockades which can never be fully won. And yet, through one’s actions, a negative can be turned into a positive, and for these moments of bliss it’s worth the effort.