Nourishing Embassies

61', France, 1984

In Paris, international cuisine restaurants are abundant. As if any event occurred elsewhere fed a restaurant. In 1917, the Russian emigrants, the Armenians, were the ones who exported their dishes, as shown in photographs or documents from family archives. The Hungarians, who emigrated between the two great wars, reminisce. In (…)

NoirBLUE – Displacements of a Dance

27', Minas Gerais/France, 2017

In the African continent, Ana Pi reconnects with her origins through the choreographic gesture, engaging in a space-time experiment that combines traditional and contemporary movements. In this dance of fertility and healing, the black skin under the blue veil is integrated with space, reenacting new forms and colors that evoke ancestry, belonging, resistance and (…)

Name of Baptism – Alice

25', Pernambuco, 2017

40 years after the outbreak of the Angolan civil war, Alice, the only Brazilian child in a family of Angolan refugees living in Brazil, returns to her ancestors’ country in search of the origin of her baptism name. Alternating between a foreign and a familiar gaze, Alice gradually establishes affections and connections with her (…)

Number and Grade

15', Brasil, 2015

At a school in the outskirts of São Paulo, four students try to solve a mystery surrounding the walls and hidden in the locks and gates. Querô, Baleia, Diadorim, and Pedro Bala bend the rules and get into a risky adventure.