Only What You Need to Know About Me

15', Santa Catarina, 2018

Teenagers Laura and Fabio meet at a skate park and their friendship blossoms into something deeper. But when Laura disappears without a word, Fabio tracks her down to find out why.

Oh God

4', Poland, 2017

The reality presented in the film Oh God might be described using such terms as inertia or chaos. The characters feature lack of willingness to take any action, they are passive and indifferent, unable to create their own reality. The author presents a world that loses its original shapes, loses (…)

Oh Brother Octopus

27', Germany, 2017

If the apocalypse will come in the form of erasing all otherness, one must do the opposite and welcome other worldviews. Against the straightness of the world, the cinema aims at the sea and the nomad peoples from Indonesia with its beliefs, songs and prayers. “The Ocean… no longer a stranger”: a real estate (…)


15', Canada/United States, 2018

In this look at life in Dawson City in north of Canada, the trivial, the quasi nothing, is not exempt from holding the edges of the extraordinary. The filmmaker is interested in the aphorisms of the blind spot: a dialogue between ex-municipal leaders, a hockey round, a stage, discrete applause, vagabond prose. Mining is (…)

Onward Lossless Follows

17', United States, 2017

A password-protected love affair, a little vapor on Venus, and a horse with no name ride out in search of a better world. Against the mounting darkness, a willing abduction offers a stab at tomorrow.

On Monday Of Last Week

14', USA, 2018

Set in an urban home, On Monday of Last Week follows Kamara, a Nigerian woman, working as a nanny caring for Josh, the five-year old son of Tracy and Neil, an interracial couple. Tracy is an African-American artist working on a commission in her basement studio – a space she (…)


17', Mexico, 2017

Ofelia goes to a gay bar called “Oasis” looking for her husband. This night she will not only find affliction but also an unexpected company that will bring her some peace.