Paperbabes – Age of Reason

05', Finland, 2017

Too young, too old, always the wrong age.

Paradise Loop

10', France, 2017

Keira had been a rock for 300 years and has been a pop song for the past five months. Ambrosé had been a salad for a short period of time and now wants to become a crack code. Natalia, who is everything and nothing, like an unknown celebrity, has forgotten what time means. (…)


25', Rio de Janeiro, 2018

Alex, a former convict, returns home to live with Sílvia and struggles to get a job. The rarefied plot is fragmented through the spaces and persons of a neighborhood in Nova Iguaçu (RJ). At some moments, theatrical-inspired performances situate the plot as if on a stage, albeit they combine fiction and documentary methods, and (…)

Passing Through

18', France, 2017

Every day, through a maze of concrete, he shaves the walls of the city.

Profane Cow

17', São Paulo, 2017

Nádia (Roberta Gretchen Coppola, in a remarkable performance) is a transvestite that wants to be a mother. The short film elaborates, in a symbolic and dreamlike way, all the waiting involved in becoming a mother through the difficult process of adopting the daughter of a hesitant neighbor. (Mariana Souto)


25', Colombia/United States, 2017

Palenques were communities built while the slaves were fighting for their freedom against the Europeans in the 16th Century. San Basilio de Palenque in Colombia was the first community in the Americas and the only one remaining today. Through a musical map, the film floats amongst faces, leafs, memories, bodies and drums, bursting the (…)


15', São Paulo, 2017

Simone, Thiana and Michel are three friends living in the same underprivileged neighborhood in the suburban area of São Paulo. They share difficulties and doubts about the challenges of early adulthood, such as getting a job, passing the college entrance examination or choosing a career. Making use of pop language and directly challenging to (…)