Ride Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder

9', United States, 2017

From New York, a tale about the Hudson River altered by the exploitation of filmmaking. In every cut, Fern Silva writes verse and hypothesis; and, from the 19th century screen, birds flutter to cross, on a pulsating travelling– this film has chemicals running through its veins – the water, the roads, the mirages and (…)

Rosa Farm

9', Brasil, 2017

Erasto Vasconcelos, the poet of the perception of life, of how life is so well used in our planet, echoes the “pernambucaneidade” [traits related to the state of Pernambuco] of what surrounds us – day and night animals, river fishes, birds, mangrove animals, trees and their fruits, things that are (…)

Reluctantly Queer

8', Ghana/USA, 2016

This epistolary short film invites us into the unsettling life of a young Ghanaian man struggling to reconcile his love for his mother with his love for samesex desire amid the increased tensions incited by same-sex politics in Ghana. Focused on a letter that is ultimately filled with hesitation and (…)


20', Portugal/Brazil, 2018

Russa returns to Aleixo neighborhood, in Porto, to visit her sister and friends, with whom she celebrates her son’s birthday. In this brief reunion, Russa returns to the collective memory of her neighborhood, where three of the five towers still remain standing.