Some Fleeting Romance

13', United States, 2017

Bruno wanders through the city in search of aff ections that he has never known.

Soul in the Eye

11', Brasil, 1974

Considered a masterpiece by the critics, it was awarded the EMBRAFILME Prize – Troféu Humberto Mauro at the VI Jornada Brasileira de Curta-Metragem. The film reflects on black identity in Brazil through body language, focusing on the African origin, European colonization and liberation through cultural identity.

Souls in the Sun

27', UN NY, 1981

This fi lm is included in the United Nations’ “Women and Children of Africa” programme. A compilation of testimonies and questions related to African women, isolated and lacking information about the rest of the world. Their children lack the amount of nutritional calories vital for growth. They suff er from (…)

Solar Walk

21', Denmark, 2018

In a sort of garden of shapes, living beings play games of inventing, fertilizing – and even urinating – worlds. In this cosmogenesis where humans, humanoids and animals are authors (the gifts of creation are not concentrated on one sole being), Solar Walk takes a nap over equations and theories. The gods of the (…)

Stains and Scratches

08', Lithuania, 2017

A cinematic montage with images from the underground scene of the Lithuanian capital during a concert based on the opera rock musical repertoire (which also became a film) Jesus Christ Superstar (USA), banned from many countries in the 1970’s. With a disconcerting sound design, the film focuses on the movements of the students present (…)

Split Ends, I Feel Wonderful

4', USA/Ghana, 2012

An experimental short celebrating black women’s hair styling, Split Ends, I Feel Wonderful chops and weaves found footage with affectionate nods to Blaxploitation flicks and kaleidoscopic psychedelia. Spliced with voiceovers from colonial narratives and a funktastic soundtrack, Akosua Adoma Owusu’s film is a warm and subtly political snapshot of the (…)

Selbé: One Among Many

30’, Senegal, 1983/2017

In focusing on the daily life of a Senegalese village woman, Selbé: One Among Many examines the economic and social roles rural Senegalese women are expected to play. Selbé has the heavy responsibility of providing for a large family as her husband searches unsuccessfully for work in a neighboring town. On his return, he (…)

Super Silver Star

28', Minas Gerais, 2018

A couple obsessed by fireworks discovers the great Super Silver Star.

Saladdin Castique

06', Finland, 2018

A man walks in the forest and tries to find berries. He finds instead an empty French salad dressing bottle. A genie comes out of the bottle and grants the man three wishes. The man uses the wishes traditionally but he uses bad language all the time and the genie does not like (…)


18', Germany, 2018

“While he mused on the effect of the flowing sands, he was seized from time to time by hallucinations in which he himself began to move with the flow.“ (Kōbō Abe) Liminal zones. Floating particles. Fire, water, earth, air. Voices of fictional characters: sometimes suggestive, sometimes strict, leading the viewer away from the here (…)


23', Australia/United Kingdom, 2017

Silica explores territorial constructs and the boundaries between the real and the mediated in an opal-mining town in the South Australian desert. As the journey of a film location scout is charted, notions of settlement and belonging are investigated through images of a town in the midst of abandonment. Combining 35mm photography with microscopic (…)

Sweet Heart

21', São Paulo, 2018

A teenage girl, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, grows up in the cosmopolitan turmoil of São Paulo. On the one hand, there’s the hardness of work in the family restaurant on the weekends, and on the other, the freedom found in the pulse of the city, in the fluidity of street performances, in (…)