The Barber Shop

16', France, 2017

Surrendered to razors and scissors, Emran, Gadisa and Maher are having their hair cut or beard trimmed. Sitting before the mirror, their thoughts drift between memories of the land and the tragic events of the journey that brought them here, to the Calais Jungle. As their faces are illuminated, they patiently consider the present (…)

The Chinese from Riad

15', Belo Horizonte - MG, 2018

He’s in love with his “Chinese friend” and shares love songs with her. He spends the days from afar, dreaming of a visit from his cherished one. This unlikely love story is rocked by the puzzling tunes of “Love me like you do” on a virtual karaoke. (Siomara Faria)

The Cow-Tongue Flower

23', Colombia, 2018

At the gates of the peace in Colombia, the young Camila, a FARC’s member, facesa painful memory of her childhood, the day in which her father tried to rape her, in an internal struggle from where she will come out transformed.

The Mute

15', Vietnam, 2018

A girl tries to fi nd the answer about love before her big day, in a rainy night.

The Passagem of the Comet

20', São Paulo, 2017

It’s the 1980s. At nightfall, a group of women get together because of their relations with a clandestine abortion clinic. The doctor, the secretary, the patient and her escort share a space and some concerns while they wait for the passage of Halley’s comet, a landmark that makes us think, today, about the passage (…)

The Last Song for a Rude Heart

15', Minas Gerais, 2017

Mr. Osório (Manoel do Norte) has lost the wife, his companion for forty years. In his small house, isolated in the countryside, loneliness echoes with rock’n roll, his new interest. The relations with the youngsters and the news of the outside world come through a strange and distant encounter, yet fascinating. In this film, (…)

The Holy Supper

15', San Antonio de Los Baños/Cuba, 2017

The film reproduces the daily life of an African-Cuban santera family, evoking the relation between body and spirit when they sacrifice their last rooster to eat.

The Theory of Sunset

09', Russia, 2017

Deep at night, a dedicated cyclist traverses the wintry forest. The challenge: make sure this new day gets off to a fresh and timely start.

The Journey

8', France, 2017

From dusk until dawn, i go through these environments. i throw myself into this forest, immerged in the dark of the night…

The Hooligan Soul

15', Cordisburgo - MG, 2018

On the outskirts of Cordisburgo town, between the local culture and pop references, we are introduced to the yearnings of a group of young miners. The real and the virtual dimensions intertwine to create a fable in which collecting gemstones means many things, such as dreaming about a new car, getting married and other (…)

The Fruits of Clouds

10', Czech Republic, 2017

The Story of a little Furry, who will make a great discovery by overcoming the fear of the unknown.

The Best Nights of Veroni

16', Alagoas, 2017

The film follows the daily life of Veroni, a housewife divided between taking care of her daughter, the housework and the longing for her husband, who is a truck driver. Eventually, Veroni sings in an amateur way through the nights of the city, finding in music some encouragement and a chance to be (…)

The Clash

28', Distrito Federal, 2018

In the plenaries of National Congress, we witness some effects of the social setbacks in vogue since the parliamentary coup over native peoples in 2016. Given this situation, the film makes use of a style that dialogues with the direct cinema tradition to document the indigenous resistance against the criminalization of their leaders and (…)

Tiny Big

06', Belgium, 2017

A choreographic film about human possessed by love and money.

The Tale of the Yellow Donkey

30', Contagem - MG, 2017

In this fable-driven documentary, the granddaughter-filmmaker collects testimonies of characters in the countryside of Minas Gerais state, seeking for fantastic stories of a yellow donkey her grandfather used to tell. The network of discourses unveils a whole place, lifestyle and prosody. The process of fabulating is collective, partaken: the lively rhetoric of characters and (…)

The White Elephant

12', Palestine, 2018

Using images shared on the Internet by Israelis during the Gulf War, the First Intifada and trance music gatherings, Shuruq Harb composes the portrait of a Palestinian teenager in the 1990s, in the mirror of Israeli pop culture.

The Juggler

11', Brasil, 2018

The Juggler is an animated documentary about street jugglers that bring color to the monotonous day of big cities.

The Lion Boy and the Owl Girl

16', Brasil, 2017

This is the universe of animal people, living beings that mix human aspects with traits of another animal. When they are puppies they need to study at the Wild Pupil School, a place where learning goes far beyond the classroom limits.

The Rite of Ismael Ivo

13', Brasil, 2003

The life of black ballet dancer Ismael Ivo, his performances, testimonials about dance and the social challenges faced to overcome obstacles and reach a desired professional position. Born in a poor family from the outskirts of São Paulo (SP), Ismael leaves Brazil in the early 1980’s and becomes a famous (…)

The Sound of Silence

17', Brasil, 2017

Estranged, a father and son are unknown to each other. Where there’s no communication, silence screams. The Sound of Silence tells the story of rapprochement between Binho, a 10 year-old boy, and Osvaldo, his deaf father with whom he has never been close. The distance and feeling of abandonment would (…)

The Men Behind the Wall

29', Israel, 2017

Mediation of the screens, of the camera: computer, phone, apps for sexual encounters. Phone calls and daily (fictional?) lascivious conversations. Shooting blockades, fences and wires, Inés Moldavsky, Israeli filmmaker, meets partners who are very close, but behind the wall dividing Israel and Palestine. Among poems, coffee and promises, a camera attempts to deal with (…)

Those Who Wander

24', Belo Horizonte - MG, 2018

Visual experiment on the wandering of a character that despite lacking a social name or identity may testify the experience shared in contemporary urban centers across the country. His path is one of “accompanied loneliness”, which allows the investigation of a wider state of affairs. (Vinícius Andrade)

To Tell a Story

25', Brasil, 2013

In the Maroon community of Santiago do Iguape, Neguinha tells a story of resistance.


18', São Paulo, 2017

This documentary film addresses the military repression from the perspective of four brothers, the children of Virgílio Gomes da Silva, the first politically “disappeared” person during the Brazilian dictatorship. Memories are delicately woven by animation techniques, which give contours to the lived experience, sometimes in a clear way, sometimes in a blurry way, almost (…)


27', France, 1989

Tesito means “in the strength of my arms”. A guided visit to Casamance, on the coast of Senegal. We share the daily life of the wives of fishermen who organize themselves in order to manage the fish and feed the markets. They accomplish these arduous tasks by using strategy, based (…)