Wonder of João Garganta

07', São Paulo/Minas Gerais, 2017

When one morning João Garganta woke up from uneasy dreams, had breakfast and took Deusinha for a walk.

Where is My Moon?

7', South Korea, 2017

There is a fish to wake up, and there is a boy who cannot sleep in his own moon. The boy meets this fish, and then he loses his moon. So they leave the adventure together to find the moon.

We Are All Here

20', São Paulo, 2017/2018

Estamos Todos Aqui is a rowdy and abrasive film that is built amid the tensions and urgencies of Ocupação Prainha, a squat in Guarujá (SP), whose shacks are at risk of being demolished. In the mud of the mangrove, Rosa Luz, a transsexual woman that has the marks of oppression engraved on her (…)

Waterproof Wick

20', Sabará - MG, 2018

Jacqueline has what some people would call a strong personality. The teenage girl lives with her aunt and faces some problems at school. Her daily company is a bicycle with which she wanders through the neighborhood. One day, jacqueline and her aunt hit the road, but things don’t go as expected. (Francine Barbosa)

Wishing Well

13', Germany, 2018

Using techniques of flickering and image overlapping, Sylvia Schedelbauer develops a movement throughout the forest and the memory. The result is a film at once intense and melancholic about feeling the pulse of the universe during life. Between the images of childhood and of death, a beautiful study of textures and possibilities is created, (…)