Under the Canopy

(Sous la Canopée)

France, 2019, 7’


Children's Section


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 31/08/2019Showtime: 16h00*Past event

Birds-of-paradise, sporting their most beautiful plumage, sing and intrigue in the heart of the tropical forest. One of them brings us into their universe. Their songs and dances invite us to the parade, providing a magical show. But the forest takes on a different tone when Human’s hand comes to disrupt this harmony and richness. The brutality settles down before giving way to silence.

director Bastien Dupriez
script Bastien Dupriez
production TCHACK
animation Bastien Dupriez, Rémi Juillet
editing Bastien Dupriez
sound Antoine Zuccarelli
soundtrack Antoine Zuccarelli
production company TCHACK


contact distribution@tchack.com