Armageddon 2

05', Cuba, 2017


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 11/08/2018Showtime: 21h00*Past event
Where: Jardim Interno do Palácio das ArtesDate: 13/08/2018Showtime: 16h00*Past event

The camera floats among trees, animals, men and bytes. With the low data flow in Cuba, a young man pirates movies. Saving the world has become an obsolete motto: we must produce appropriations and decelerate in order to reinvent life and filmmaking. Made in a workshop given by Werner Herzog on the island, whose theme was “Through the window”, the film perforates and bursts the frame in small gestures. What happens when a boy cover his own face in chroma key?

(Hannah Serrat)

director: Corey Hughes 

script: Corey Hughes 

production: Liliana Díaz Castillo, Estephania Bonnett Alonso, Lucía Dapena 

sound: Corey Hughes 

cinematography​: Corey Hughes 

editing: Corey Hughes