20', Conselheiro Lafaiete - MG, 2017


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 13/08/2018Showtime: 19h00*Followed by discussion with filmmaker*Past event
Where: Juvenal DiasDate: 14/08/2018Showtime: 16h00*Past event

The daily routine of Anderson is presented through two main affective domains: one shaped in the life together with his family and another arisen from the passion for soccer team Atlético Mineiro. An important part of the character’s experiences comes from the bonds forged in these two spheres, and especially from the intersection between them, such as the tough button soccer matches that he plays with his brother.

(Vinícius Andrade)

director: Rodrigo Meireles 

script: Anderson Henrique, Rodrigo Meireles 

production: Relógio Quebrado 

sound: Márcio Zaum 

cinematography: Rodrigo Meireles 

editing: Rodrigo Meireles