Seven Years in May

(Sete Anos em Maio)

Minas Gerais - Brasil/Argentina, 2019, 42'


Brazilian Competition


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 05/09/2019Showtime: 19h00*Followed by discussion with film crew*Past event

In 2007, Rafael dos Santos had his house raided by policemen and was taken to an isolated place where he was brutally beaten. Since letting the event be forgotten would be for him as if the policemen “had accomplished their mission”, Rafael strives to keep his story alive, finding something in common with the experiences of other young people living in low-income outskirts.

(by Vinícius Andrade)

director Affonso Uchôa
script Affonso Uchôa, Rafael dos Santos Rocha, João Dumans
production Camila Bahia, Vasto Mundo, Un Puma
cinematography Lucas Barbi, Rodrigo Beetz
editing João Dumans
art and costume design Karine Assis, Camila Magalhães
sound Marcela Santos, Bruno Vasconcelos
main cast Rafael dos Santos Rocha, Wederson Neguinho, Leonardo Ferreira, Maicon Felipe, Magno Pires, Max Henrique, Robson Vieira
production company Camila Bahia, Vasto Mundo, Un Puma