Me, Mom and Wallace

(Eu, Minha Mãe e Wallace)

Rio de Janeiro, 2018, 23'


Brazilian Competition


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 06/09/2019Showtime: 19h00*Followed by discussion with film crew*Past event

A photograph is examined: a mother and her son, the mother’s gaze, a toy, the feet, the son’s gaze, the gaze of both, fold marks, the act of storing something. While he goes through spaces not visited for a long time, Wallace recovers memories of the place where he used to live, trying to record/store a moment that may not happen again.

(by Layla Braz)

director Irmãos Carvalho
script Irmãos Carvalho
production Eugenio Puppo, Irmãos Carvalho, Matheus Sundfeld
cinematography Safira Moreira
editing João Rabello
art and costume design Cleissa Regina Martins
sound Gabriel Marinho (edição de som), Toco Cerqueira (mixagem), Gustavo Andrade (som direto)
main cast Fabrício Boliveira, Noemia Oliveira, Sophia Rocha, Robson Santos 
production company Heco Produções