São Paulo, 2018, 25’

Political Body

CP 1


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 06/09/2019Showtime: 17h00*Followed by discussion with curators*Past event

Five artists – a person who is deaf, two people who have low vision, a person who uses a wheelchair and a person with mobility impairment – receive a lot of questions sent by the audience, which reveal a whole imaginary about their bodies. Together they perform a ritual of poetic and artistic responses that go beyond what one wants to “hear”.

desecrAcTION is a performance in a film experiment.

This short film initiates a research for using accessibility features as a part of the narrative, in order to promote a utopian experience of coexistence.

director Estela Lapponi
script Estela Lapponi
production Casa de Zuleika
cinematography Thais Taverna
editing Rodrigo Carneiro
sound Joana Flor
soundtrack Joana Flor
main cast Edu O., Estela Lapponi, Leo Castilho, Natalia Rocha, Sarah Houbolt
production company Casa de Zuleika