Name of Baptism – Frances

(Nome de Batismo - Frances)

Pernambuco, 2019, 17'


Brazilian Competition


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 04/09/2019Showtime: 19h00*Followed by discussion with film crew*Past event

Tila Chitunda keeps running her genealogical enterprise: to find the historical, cultural and affective roots connected to her family names. What we watch is not an isolated movie, with its conventional starting and ending points, but the second part of a wider project ingrained in the life story of the filmmaker and her diverse countrymen.

(by Vinícius Andrade)

director Tila Chitunda
script Tila Chitunda, Amandine Goisbault
production Tila Chitunda, Amandine Goisbault, Julien Ineichen
cinematography Tila Chitunda 
editing Amandine Goisbault
sound Catarina Apolônio 
soundtrack Johann Brehmer 
main cast Frances Ramirez, Fran Markham, Robin Markham
production company Tilovita Produções