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São Paulo, 2019, 25'


Brazilian Competition


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 04/09/2019Showtime: 21h10*Followed by discussion with film crew*Past event

Hélio is an unemployed security guard, who no longer has a home, or friends, or possessions. Maybe now he only has the reveries of those that although tired and injured can no longer rest. Not even the unemployment allows him to abandon the function that has taken control of his body and gestures. How to film a collective symptom, the one that makes us sick of excessive fear, control, exhaustion, abandonment? Amid the chaos, it’s necessary to produce breaches in ordinary narratives, move toward other people, and recover our disposal for danger.

(by Hannah Serrat)

director Mauricio Battistuci, Francisco Miguez
script Mauricio Battistuci, Francisco Miguez
production Tarsila Varallo
cinematography Caio Antônio
editing Luisa Noriko
art and costume design Joana Lorenzetti
sound Jonas Amâncio
soundtrack Joera Rodrigues, Nicholas Rabinovitch, Estúdio Terra de Lá
main cast João Filho, Georgette Fadel, Rogério Bandeira, Érika Rocha, Eliane Weinfurter, Sérgio Pires
production company CTR-ECA-USP