Ancieto from Império On a Day of Emancipation

(Ancieto do Império em Dia de Alforria)

12', Brasil, 1981


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 15/08/2018Showtime: 17h00*Followed by curator's commentary*Past event
Where: Juvenal DiasDate: 16/08/2018Showtime: 20h00*Past event

A film dedicated to Zumbi dos Palmares and to all Maroons dead and alive. It portrays the life of a not very well known character who was 72 years old at the time, a union leader, founder of Escola de Samba Império Serrano and a stevedore at the Rio de Janeiro port. The motivation to make this short-film came from researching the origins of Imperio Serrano and especially to perpetuate the dignity of samba, the militant’s work and reflect on this character’s solitude at the end of his life.

director: Zózimo Bulbul 

script: Zózimo Bulbul, Aniceto de Menezes Silva Júnior 

production: Vianna a Produtores Associados J.M Produções/Embrafilme S.A  

sound: Mário Da Silva, Stúdios Barrozo Netto 

cinematography: José Medeiros 

editing: Severino Dadá