A Female Body

(Um Corpo Feminino)

20', Rio Grande do Sul, 2018


Where: Juvenal DiasDate: 11/08/2018Showtime: 18h00*Past event
Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 19/08/2018Showtime: 15h00*Past event

When we give something a name, does it lose or gain meaning? A Female Body proposes an apparently simple game – it asks women from diverse generations the definition of something that in theory unifies them. Part of a transmedia project, the film is the main entrance to a narrative that has many points of view and no right answer.

director: Thais Fernandes  

script: Thais Fernandes  

production: Fabiano Florez, Jessica Luz  

sound: Gabriela Bervian / Kiko Ferraz Studios  

cinematography: Livia Pasqual  

editing: Thais Fernandes  

contact: umcorpofeminino@gmail.com