T, O, U, C, H, I, N, G

United States, 1968, 12’


Christopher Harris: Influences and Resonances


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 03/09/2019Showtime: 17h00*Followed by discussion with Christhoper Harris*Past event

T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G (1969) is a maddeningly disorienting piece of avant-garde film. It creates a series of psychological effects that elicit thought provoking imagery. A piece of the structural film movement, the short film consists of only a few separate images. For 12 minutes, these images, most prominently a man with scissors over his tongue and a hand covering his mouth, repeat in flashes of color, while a man repeats “Destroy” over and over again. 

(Omri Curnutte)

director Paul Sharits
main cast David Franks


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