Blue Boy

Germany/Argentina, 2019, 19’

Political Body

CP 1


Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 06/09/2019Showtime: 17h00*Followed by discussion with curators*Past event

What are you up to tonight? Do you want me? We could have fun together…

Seven Romanian male-to-male sex workers in Berlin have their portraits taken as they listen and react to recordings of their own experiences. By turning the process of exploitation into a spectacle, the camera becomes a client, highlighting the inevitable performativity of such power relations.

director Manuel Abramovich
script Manuel Abramovich
production Manuel Abramovich
cinematography Manuel Abramovich
editing Cătălin Cristuțiu
sound Francisco Pedemonte
main cast Florin, Michel, Razvan, Stefan, Mihail, Marius, Rafael, Roberto