Black Bus Stop

United States, 2019, 9'

International Competition



Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 02/09/2019Showtime: 21h00*Past event

Black bus stop brings life to a sacred soil of communion to 1980s and 1990s American black youth. The emblematic meeting point of a generation prevented from entering university is reclaimed in the film, as a tribute, by the performance of 40 black students. With an experimental style of documentary, Kevin Jerome and Claudrena Harold invite us to gaze upon a collective of voices and bodies occupying a territory of transcendence, at the University of Virginia’s campus, in Charlottesville.

(by Vanessa Santos)

director Kevin Jerome Everson, Claudrena N. Harold
production Kevin Jerome Everson, Claudrena N. Harold, Madeleine Molyneaux
cinematography Kevin Jerome Everson
editing Kevin Jerome Everson
sound Will Jones
production company  Picture Palace Pictures