Vever (for Barbara)

(Vever (for Barbara))

United States, 2019, 12'

International Competition



Where: Cine Humberto MauroDate: 31/08/2019Showtime: 19h00*Past event

Vever (for Barbara) is a film essay on the encounter of three filmmakers. Deborah Stratman recovers images shot by Barbara Hammer in 1975, in Guatemala, with an essay by Maya Deren written in 1950, in Haiti. The music of Teiji Ito – known for his work with Deren – adds to this complex composition of image and text. Reflections upon relationships, politics, history and culture all come together in this beautiful homage from Stratman to Hammer.

(by Julia Fagioli)

director Deborah Stratman
texts Maya Deren
cinematography Deborah Stratman
editing Deborah Stratman
sound Maya Deren, Deborah Stratman
soundtrack  Katherina Bornefeld, George Hadow, Teiji Ito
voices Barbara Hammer