Azurita - MG, 2019, 14'

In front of Angela, there’s a small universe of prescriptions that suggest a permanent concern for her health. She tries to hide it from her neighbors, as if the home environment was also her box of secrets. But when circumstances can no longer be ignored, the herbs of the backyard (…)


Belo Horizonte - MG, 2019, 21'

By following a character who’s about to lose her head, this short movie by Leo Ayres shows the accumulation of small violences that turn out to be major oppressions against women. With a camera close to the character and the use of long takes, the film exposes the tension and (…)

The Woman I Was

Contagem/Belo Hoizonte/Igarapé - MG, 2019, 12'

Guided by fantastic realism, A mulher que eu era returns to the memories and traumas of a black woman in order to free her through imagination. In a sensitive dialog with theater, and with a strong art direction, the short enters the frustrated dreams and projected achievements. As different times (…)

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