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Rio Grande do Sul, 2019, 20'


Competitiva Brasil


Local: Cine Humberto MauroDia: 04/09/2019Horário: 19h00*Já realizado

The waters of the river flow between the rocks through which the hands of an experienced Mbya-Guarani potter skillfully penetrate, with the help of knives, to remove clay stones. These stones, taken from the water’s edge, will serve as raw material for the handicraft objects made together with other women and children from the village in a process accompanied by harmonious work songs.

(by Vinícius Andrade)

director Denis Rodriguez, Leonardo Remor
production Claudia Zanatta, Denis Rodriguez, Leonardo Remor
cinematography Denis Rodriguez, Leonardo Remor
editing Germano de Oliveira
sound Augusto Stern, Fernando Efron
soundtrack Kerexy Jera Poty (Antônia Garai)
main cast Kerexy Jera Poty (Antônia Garai)
production company UFRGS e Avante Filmes