Super Nintendo’s Cartridge in Saturn’s Rings

(Cartuchos de Super Nintendo em Anéis de Saturno)

Ceará, 2018, 20'


Competitiva Brasil


Local: Cine Humberto MauroDia: 04/09/2019Horário: 19h00*Followed by discussion with film crew*Já realizado

Name: Cecil
Age: 20
Money: $0,00
Profession: Student
Pass: Level 1

The joystick isn’t in your hands, but in a reality where it’s controlled. Any attempt to break this control will result in loss of points. Who has the power to control these points?.

(por Layla Braz)

director Leon Reis
script Leon Reis
production Elvio Franklin, Samara Cabral
cinematography Rodrigo Ferreira, Darwin Marinho
editing Clébson Oscar
art and costume design Paolla Martins, Lidia dos Anjos
sound Marcelo Júnior, Tatiana Ferreira
soundtrack Íron Cauan, Diego Fidelis, Gustavo Carvalho, Mike Dutra, Leon Reis
main cast Felipe Oliveira, Lucas Limeira, Polly Di