Belo Horizonte - MG, 2019, 21'

Competitiva Minas



Local: Cine Humberto MauroDia: 03/09/2019Horário: 21h00*Followed by discussion with film crew*Já realizado

By following a character who’s about to lose her head, this short movie by Leo Ayres shows the accumulation of small violences that turn out to be major oppressions against women. With a camera close to the character and the use of long takes, the film exposes the tension and burden in Renata’s life during an everyday dawn. We are invited to think about the workload that this mother faces without being able to rest.

(by Fabio Rodrigues Filho)

director Leo Ayres
script Leo Ayres
production Leo Ayres, Ana Amélia Arantes
cinematography Diogo Lisboa
editing João Gabriel Riveres
art and costume design Mariana Rocha, Mariana Silveira
sound Giordano Lima, Guilherme Reis, Victor Jaramillo, Alexandre Jardim
soundtrack Paulim Sartori
main cast Talita Braga, João Araújo Moreira, Maíra Dias Olea, Assis Benevenuto, Camila Costa
production company Tempero Filmes


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